The Cannibals of Garanhuns

The Cannibals of Garanhuns
The Cannibals of Garanhuns – Jorge, Isabel & Bruna

This is the story of a love triangle mixed with cannibalism and witchcraft with a touch of pastry.

We are used to seeing the most shocking cases of serial killers in the United States, but in other parts of the world, some cases deserve to be counted. This month I bring you the story of the Garanhuns cannibals. A Brazilian family from the municipality of Garanhuns, in the province of Pernambuco, their story horrified the entire world because of how macabre and harsh their crimes were.

Their Victims

In 2008, Jessica Camila da Silva was a young woman who had a daughter at the age of 22 and had not had an easy life. She had been living with her daughter on the street for a long time and desperation took hold of her. His two guardian angels seem to arrive out of nowhere, but in reality, they would become his executioners.

The couple were Jorge Beltrão Negromonte da Silveira and Isabel Cristina Torreão Pires.

Both convinced the young woman to work as a domestic worker in their house and convinced the young woman by telling her that she and her daughter could live with them in the house. Jessica accepted thinking that things were finally going to go a little better for her and her daughter, but at the same time, she did not know that she was getting into the lion’s den.

Jessica’s father reported that his daughter had been kidnapped by Jorge and that she could only be freed if she left her daughter with them, which Jessica flatly refused.

Cannibals of garanhuns- first victim- Jessica Camila da Silva
The first victim- Jessica Camila da Silva

Jorge and Isabel were a married couple who at the same time lived with Bruna Cristina Oliveira da Silva, Jorge’s lover. We do not know very well the agreement that existed between them, but the three seemed to live in love and company.

A few weeks after Jessica and her daughter moved in with the couple, it was then that Jorge and Bruna began to complain about the young woman because of her somewhat daring way of dressing and her night outings.

It got to a point where Jorge and Bruna decided to kill her due to her inappropriate behaviour. Jorge hit her on the neck and then they left her to bleed to death in the bathroom to later remove pieces of meat from her legs and arms and eat it together. Jessica’s little daughter witnessed it all and even had to eat her own mother’s flesh. Bruna then decided to take the identity of Jessica and registered the victim’s daughter as hers and Jorge’s. Jessica’s daughter would live and be used as a hook for the next victims.

Years later, on February 25, 2012, Giselly Helena da Silva, 31, was murdered by the trio of Garanhuns.

Same modus operandi. Elizabeth approached the victim and this time she enticed her by promising that she would help her learn more about the word of God. Later, she would be killed in the married couple’s house with the help of her lover.

They bled the body and then removed parts of the meat and liver, then buried the remains in the backyard in a mass grave where the remains of the first victim, Jessica, already lay. Isabel took these parts and made filled cupcakes. The married couple, the mistress, and the daughter of the first victim ate these cupcakes as a purification ritual.

Isabel took advantage and sold the remaining cakes to her neighbourhood saying that they were light cakes since they were stuffed with chicken. The neighbours of the neighbourhood bought these cakes out of pity for the marriage.

Canibales de garahuns - segunda victima- Giselly Helena da Silva
Second Victim – Giselly Helena da Silva

A month later, on March 12, they found their new victim, 20-year-old Alexandra Falcão da Silva. This time the couple used the same tricks they used with their first victim.

Alexandra was new to Garanhuns and was looking for work when the couple offered her a job as a domestic worker. They carried out the same purification ritual by killing, bleeding, and removing pieces of meat plus the liver from the corpse. Isabel cooked it and used it as a filling for the same cupcakes.

They ate them between the 4 and the rest they sold back to the neighbourhood.

Canibales de garanhuns - tercera victima- Alexandra Falcao da Silva
Third Victim – Alexandra Falcao da Silva

The Mistake That Led to Arrest

All killers make some mistake that alerts the police. In this case, they made a stupid mistake. A few days after the second victim Giselly’s death, the couple and the mistress used the victim’s credit card and made up to five purchases at different stores. This alerted the victim’s family, who already feared that something had happened to Giselly, and they contacted the police.

The police began to pull the blanket. They started by looking at all the store security camera footage to find out who was using Giselly’s credit card. To their surprise, they found the images of an older couple that was unknown to Giselly’s family.

The police began to pull the blanket. They started by looking at all the store security camera footage to find out who was using Giselly’s credit card. To their surprise, they found the images of an older couple that was unknown to Giselly’s family.

They continued to investigate and found the whereabouts of the couple in Garanhuns, a municipality in the Pernambuco region surrounded by mountains. The municipality is also known as the Pernambuco Switzerland since it has mild temperatures in the summer and low temperatures in the winter, atypical for the rest of the region. Other nicknames for this town are City of Flowers or City of Drizzle.

The police arrived at the home and there they found Jorge, Isabel, Bruna, and the daughter of the first victim (I have not been able to find any name or reference to the daughter of the first victim). At first, Bruna pretended to be Jessica, although later, at the police station, she already declared herself as Bruna.

The police collected as much evidence at the home and among them found a book that Jorge wrote, ‘Diary of a Schizophrenic’. The 34-chapter, 50-page book tells the story of Jorge’s life with schizophrenia. There he would tell his reality and delusions with said disease. When he was very young, Jorge began to awaken symptoms of this disease, although his family was not aware of it.

He began by imagining a pair of friends, one black and one white. The pair of friends waited for Jorge on the patio of his house to play with him when he returned from school.

At puberty, he wanted to leave these friends aside, but since they did not leave there, Jorge asked his father for help, who told him that those people did not exist and that there was no one on the patio of his house. There Jorge realized that he saw things that no one else could see.

After finishing his physical education studies, Jorge married his long-time girlfriend, Isabel. One day Jorge had a very strong crisis, and Isabel fled with the neighbours for fear of being hurt. The only ones who could reassure Jorge were his father and his two childhood friends, who were still children – he recounts in his book.

"Diary of a Schizophrenic" - Jorge Beltrão Negromonte da Silveira – Caníbal of Garanhuns
“Diary of a Schizophrenic” – Jorge Beltrão Negromonte da Silveira – Caníbal of Garanhuns

Jorge was hospitalized for 27 days in a psychiatric centre. He then got out and went about his normal life while taking his medication. During this time it can be read that Bruna appeared in the life of the couple, although it is quite confusing in her book since she talks about two Jessicas, we understand that one would be the first victim of the trio and the second Jessica would be Bruna when she stole the identity of the victim.

Jorge tells Isabel that he sees her more as a mother than as a wife. Soon after, the trio begins to live together and it was at the same time that Isabel began to prepare cakes and sell them to get some money since Jorge could not work due to his mental state.

Once the trio was arrested, the daughter of the first victim recounted how Jorge was a cannibal and how they forced her to watch her mother’s death and eat her flesh. Today the young woman lives with her great-aunt, away from all this hell she had to endure for five years.

Canibales of Garanhuns - Bruna and Jorge
Canibales of Garanhuns – Bruna and Jorge

The Trials

In 2014, the Cannibals of Garanhuns appeared before the judge for the first time and were sentenced for the murder, rape, and occultism of the body of the first victim Jessica Camila. Jorge is sentenced to 23 years while Isabel and Bruna to 19 years each.

In 2018, they were sentenced to the deaths of Giselly and Alexandra. The judge added 71 years to their sentences for Jorge, 68 years for Isabel, and 71 years and 10 months for Bruna.

Not much else is known about this peculiar trio. In Jorge’s book, although well written, is a bit confusing and feeds on an invented reality. So much so that in the last chapter of the book Jorge says goodbye in the following way:

Canibales of Garanhuns - Jorge, Isabel and Bruna during trials
Canibales of Garanhuns – Jorge, Isabel and Bruna during trials

All that I revealed, it’s not me, nor anyone, it’s just my mind.

— Jorge Beltrão Negromonte da Silveira

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