Delve into the rich complexities of Modern and Ancient Languages as we explore the origins, evolution, and interconnections of different ancient and modern dialects.

Modern and Ancient Languages

Silbo Gomero A Language That Consists Entirely Of Whistling

Silbo Gomero

Silbo Gomero is the language spoken on the island of La Gomera, in the Canary Islands of Spain, and is made entirely from whistled sounds.

Carved stone at Lavatmanggemu inscribed with the names of local figures in the Avoiuli alphabet


Avoiuli is a rare example of a constructed language that has been used by the Turaga Nation community of speakers, rather than simply existing as an academic exercise

Rotokas Language The Shortest Alphabet in the World

Rotokas Language

Rotokas is a language spoken by about 4,000 people on Bougainville, an island east of New Guinea.

Quipucamayocs The Knot-Weaving Masters

Quipu: The Talking Knots

Quipu, also known as Khipu or Talking Knots, were devices used in the Inca Empire to count, keep census records, etc.



The word Nushu or Nu Shu, originally meant “woman’s writing”, as it was developed in secret by peasant women in the Hunan Province of China.

The rongorongo script of Easter Island. A closeup of the verso of the Small Santiago Tablet, showing parts of lines 3 (bottom) to 7 (top). The glyphs of lines 3, 5, and and 7 are right-side up, while those of lines 4 and 6 are up-side down.

Rongorongo Glyphs

A largely undeciphered writing system that was found inscribed on irregularly shaped wooden tablets on Rapa Nui.

The Bansoa People of Cameroon Proverbs and the Path of Life


The Bansoa people primarily speak the Banso language or Sa’a, one of the five dialects of G’mbâ or Ngomba, which is a Bantu language belonging to the Tikar group.

Members of Piraha Tribe

Piraha Language

Pirahã, a hunter-gatherer tribe numbering around 700 lives along the Maici River in the Amazon Forest of North-western Brazil. This tribe speaks Piraha Language.

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