From Top-Secret Experiments to Government Conspiracies, Mind Control Experiments, MK Ultra, and Psychological Operations!

Mind Control Experiments

Introduction to Psychological Operations and Memetic Warfare

Introduction to Psychological Operations

These agencies developed dozens of mind control programs with the help of the top psychiatrists, and behavioral experts.

Project Chatter 1947 The Beginning of CIA's Mind Control Experimentation

Project Chatter

A highly classified operation carried out by the United States Navy during the Cold War era, delved into the realms of mind control and chemical interrogation.

Project MK-Ultra The CIA Secret Quest for 'Mind Control' - 1953

Introduction to Project MK-Ultra

Project MK-Ultra was the code name of the CIA’s covert mind control program. It was designed to identify techniques and drugs that might be used in interrogations to weaken subjects and compel confessions through psychological torture and brainwashing

Project Artichoke 1951 The CIA’s Quest for the Real Manchurian Candidate

Project Artichoke

Project Artichoke was a CIA research project whose aim was to determine whether a to commit an act of attempted assassination..

American domestic terrorist and mathematics teacher Ted Kaczynski during an interview in a visiting room at the Federal ADX Supermax Prison in Florence, Colorado, 1999.

Ted Kaczynski

Ted Kaczynski is a name that strikes fear and intrigue in the minds of many.

Newspaper article reads CIA Infiltrated 17 Area Groups, Gave Out LSD.

Operation Midnight Climax

A CIA program conducted during the 1950s and 1960s that aimed to study the effects of LSD and other mind-altering substances on human behaviour.

John Mulholland was paid $3,000 to apply his expertise to espionage

John Mulholland

John Mulholland was an American magician, best known for his work in the field of magic and his contributions to the history of American Intelligence.

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