Technology in a Historical Context. Witness the remarkable progression of tools, machines, and inventions that have shaped civilization.

Technology in a Historical Context

Religious Automata, Ancient Robots and Miracles 4,000 Years of Deception

Ancient Robots and Miracles
Religious automata have been used for centuries to sway public perception and opinion into doctrine. It made people witness “miracles”.

Genius of the Ancient World Hero of Alexandria – 1st Century AD

Hero of Alexandria

Hero of Alexandria is frequently regarded as the finest experimental of antiquity, a true Genius of the Ancient World whose mind can only be compared to that of Leonardo da Vinci.

Gallo-Roman Dodecahedron - Dodekaeder anagoria, Germany

Gallo-Roman Dodecahedron

It is a small, hollow object made of bronze. It it has 12 flat pentagonal faces, decorated with a number of knobs and a circular hole of varying diameters connecting to the hollow center.

The Chalice Of Lycurgus a 1,600-year-old Cup of Roman Nanotechnology

The Chalice Of Lycurgus

The original cup from Lycurgus dates from the 4th century AD, likely taken only on special occasions, showing the king of Thrace, Lycurgus, trapped by vines,

Greek Wildfire 7th-Century Napalm

Greek Wildfire

Wildfire is a type of flammable liquid based on arcane knowledge that keeps on spreading and simply cannot be extinguished by conventional means.

Quimbaya Airplane

Quimbaya Flying Jets

The Quimbaya civilization thrived until around 7th century CE, leaving behind a legacy that continues to captivate archaeologists today.

early fire cooking uses neanderthals

Cooking with Fire

The exact origins of cooking are not known, but early humans did, at some time in the distant past, master fire and begin using it for food preparation.

Prehistoric Needles

Prehistoric Needles

The oldest prehistoric needles ever found date back to approximately 57,000 – 63,000 years ago.

Ljubljana Marshes Wheel - World's Oldest Wheel

The Oldest Wheel In The World

We have archaeological evidence of the oldest wheel to date ever found, known as the Ljubljana Marshes Wheel.

Prehistoric Petrospheres The Carved Stone Balls of Scotland 5,000-2,500 BC

Prehistoric Petrospheres  

The Prehistoric Petrospheres of Scotland, are a mysterious class of ancient artifacts made 5000 to 5200 years ago

The Enigmatic Houfeng Didong Yi Earth's First Earthquake Detector

Earth’s First Earthquake Detector

The Houfeng Didong Yi, Earth’s First Earthquake Detector, is an Ancient Engineering marvel from ancient China

Pharos of Alexandria 3rd Century BC Wonder of the Ancient World

Pharos of Alexandria

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, known in Greek as Pharos of Alexandria, was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

A modern macuahuitl, used for ceremonial purposes of course.

The Macuahuitl

The Macuahuitl was a fearsome weapon that was able to slice through flesh and bone with ease, and it played an important role in Aztec warfare and culture.

The Flying Pigeon of Archytas of Tarentum – 4 Century B.C

The Flying Pigeon of Archytas of Tarentum

Archytas of Tarentum was a gifted mathematician. He is also known for the first flying machine ‘The Flying Pigeon of Archytas’

Brass scarificator, with 12 lancets, in case, 19th century, with three sets of blades. Three quarter view. White background.

The Scarificator

Physicians believed that many illnesses were caused by an imbalance of bodily fluids, and bloodletting was thought to restore this balance.

Mortsafes Protecting Graves from 18th Century Body Snatchers


Mortsafes became popular in the 18th and 19th century Britain to protect graves from body snatchers

The second iron prosthetic hand worn by Götz von Berlichingen.

Götz of the Iron Hand

Romanticized as the “German Robin Hood” and remembered as a hero, Gottfried “Götz” von Berlichingen, was a German Imperial Knight (Reichsritter), a mercenary, and a poet.

Book of Hours 'Codex Rotundus' believed to be from the Flemmish town of Bruges

Codex Rotundus

The first pocketbook in history. A unique late-medieval manuscript comprising of 266 pages containing a lavishly illuminated Book of Hours written in Latin and French.

Argentina First Animated film - The Apostle

The World’s First Animated Feature Film

First Animated Feature Film Was Made In Argentina in 1917. The film was made not by Walt Disney, but by  Quirino Cristiani in 1917 in Argentina

The Invention of Radar 1935

The Invention of Radar

It was first developed in the early twentieth century by a British physicist named Sir Robert Watson-Watt.

Was the Saqqara Bird an Ancient Egyptian Plane- Weird History Facts

The Saqqara Bird

Was the Saqqara Bird an Ancient Egyptian Plane?
The Saqqara Bird is a historical object often referred to as an out-of-place artifact, or Oopart, for short. 

The History of the Foldable Umbrella

Foldable Umbrella

The concept of sheltering oneself from the rain or sun using a canopy-like structure has its roots in ancient civilizations and dates back thousands of years.

Leonardo da Vinci built a Robotic Knight in 1495

Robotic Knight

Leonardo da Vinci was a very intelligent and prolific man whose outstanding genius was centuries ahead of his peers. He built a Robotic Knight in 1495

The Turk Chess Master - 'Automaton Chess Player'

The Mechanical Turk Chess Master

The Mechanical Turk Chess Master Machine, was purportedly an automaton capable of playing top-level chess.

The Electropathic Sex Belt - heidelberg-electric-belt

Electropathic Belt

A lot of fascinating new devices were introduced in the area of medicine. These new devices produced electric discharges and were supposed to cure everything from liver disease to hernias.
 One of those devices was The Electropathic Sex Belt

Dedicatory portrait of Anicia Juliana, Vienna Dioscurides (facsimile), 6v.

Vienna Dioscurides

The manuscript was created c. 512 C.E. in Constantinople, during the reign of Emperor Justinian I 

Pre-Radar Listener Job Old Forgotten Jobs of History

Pre-Radar Listener

Troops used acoustic mirrors made of concrete and similar listening devices to detect enemy aircraft. 

This 1844 telegraph key by Alfred Vail, improving on Morse’s original design, is believed to be from the first Baltimore-Washington telegraph line.

The Invention of the Telegraph

Although it is usually attributed to a single man, Samuel F. B Morse, the invention of the telegraph was really the result of a chain of contributions made…

Mambele and Kpinga African Throwing Knives

Mambele and Kpinga

African throwing knives have a long history in African culture. These weapons were used by various tribes for hunting, warfare, and self-defence. They were also used in ceremonial dances and rituals.

The First Beer in the World Was Made by Women

The First Beer in the World

Beer is one of humanity’s oldest beverages, dating to at least the fifth millennium BC
What is certain is that the first beer in the world was made by women.

Bematists Were The Original Step Counters in Ancient Greece in The 5th Century BCE


One of the professions that emerged from this culture was that of the Bematists or Bematistae, who were essentially ‘step counters’. 

The Parchmenter Job A 5000-Year-Old Forgotten Trade

The Parchmenter

Parchment has been used as writing material for thousands of years, and Parchmenters were the skilled craftsmen who produced this valuable commodity.

The History of the Bidet Possible 17th-Century Invention

The Bidet

Since it was popularized in the early eighteenth century, the history of the bidet has not been a simple sanitary item but has been a hygienic practice that is at least suspect.

A History of Ketchup: When Was Ketchup Inventend?

The Invention of Ketchup

Ketchup is part and parcel of almost every American dish, but despite its current links, ketchup wasn’t developed in the United States.

British Paratrooper Sgt Gordon Davies riding an excelsior welbike

The Excelsior Welbike

The Excelsior Welbike, a small, lightweight, and economical motorcycle designed specifically for air-dropping paratroopers or glider deployment reconnaissance units.

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