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Important Events that Shaped the World

Origin of cooking with fire

Cooking with Fire

The exact origins of cooking are not known, but early humans did, at some time in the distant past, master fire and begin using it for food preparation. We know from archaeological evidence that

Cats in Ancient Egypt Guardians, Companions, and Rat-Catchers

Cats in Ancient Egypt

Cats hold a special place in the hearts of people around the world. Among the ancient civilizations, none revered and cherished cats quite like the ancient Egyptians.

A painted limestone statuette of a woman making beer in Egypt - Getty Images

The First Beer in the World

The manufacturing and consumption of beer are at least as old as the oldest written history records that exist, dated a little over 5000 years ago from Ancient Sumer and Ancient Egypt.  

The Battle of Trasimene – 217 BCE

The Battle of Trasimene

One such tactical masterpiece was Hannibal Barca’s deception at Lake Trasimene in 217 BCE.

The First Successful Organ Transplant - 1954

The First Successful Organ Transplant

The first successful organ transplant was performed on December 23, 1954, by Dr. Joseph E. Murray at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston

A Brief Introduction to World War II

Introduction to WWII

World War II stands as one of the most monumental conflicts in human history, engulfing the globe in a devastating war that reshaped political, social, and economic landscapes.

50,000 years-old Prehistoric Needles

Prehistoric Needles

Needles have been an integral tool for humans for thousands of years, used for everything from sewing clothes to creating intricate works of art. In fact, the oldest known needles date back over 50,000 years, to the prehistoric era

Medieval Dance Mania, the Dancing Plague and Tarantism 7th to 17th Century European OutbreaksMedieval Dance Mania, the Dancing Plague and Tarantism 7th to 17th Century European Outbreaks

Medieval Dance Mania

Medieval Dance Mania, the Dancing Plague and Tarantism are often confused and named as the same event, but in reality, they were different outbreaks of the crazed plague that swept Europe at different periods of time and in different

The perimeter of the hole in this trepanated Neolithic skull is rounded off by ingrowth of new bony tissue, indicating that the patient survived the operation.


Trepanation, also known as trepanning, is one of humanity’s oldest forms of surgery and also one of its most gruesome.

The Parchmenter Job A 5000-Year-Old Forgotten Trade

The Parchmenter

Parchment has been used as writing material for thousands of years, and Parchmenters were the skilled craftsmen who produced this valuable commodity.

A replica of the Trojan Horse stands today in Turkey, the modern day location of the city of Troy.

The Trojan Horse

The Trojan War, a legendary conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans, had been raging for ten long years.

Gaugamela The Battle That Changed The World - 331 BC

Battle of Gaugamela

Alexander became the king of kings after this battle as he went on to defeat the remaining Persian Army.

Alexander Flemming and The Accidental Discovery of Penicillin

Discovery of Penicillin

Fleming made the discovery in 1928. Fleming himself was unaware of the significance of this discovery.

Bayer Infected Third-World Countries with HIV in the 1980s

Bayer Infected People with AIDS

In 1978, Bayer became embroiled in the HIV/AIDS crisis due to its involvement in the manufacturing and distribution of blood clotting product

The Art of War - Sun Tzu

The Art of War

The ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu emphasized the importance of deception as a fundamental strategy in warfare.

The Wandering Womb and Female Hysteria

The Wandering Womb and Female Hysteria

The condition has its roots in ancient medical theories about “wandering wombs,” where a displaced uterus caused women’s health problems

The Oldest Wheel In The World is More Than 5,000 Years-Old

The Oldest Wheel In The World

We have archaeological evidence of the oldest wheel to date ever found, known as the Ljubljana Marshes Wheel.

Introduction to Psychological Operations and Memetic Warfare

Introduction to Psychological Operations

These agencies developed dozens of mind control programs with the help of the top psychiatrists, and behavioral experts.

The Invention of Radar 1935

The Invention of Radar

It was first developed in the early twentieth century by a British physicist named Sir Robert Watson-Watt.

Gong Farmer The Unsung Heroes of Medieval England's Sanitation System

Gong Farmers

In medieval England, the gong farmer played a crucial role in maintaining the sanitation system of cities and towns.”

Juan Pujol Garcia, or agent Garbo, was key part of the Fortitude deception

Agent Garbo

In the midst of this global conflict, AGENT GARBO emerged as one of the most remarkable and successful deception campaigns of WWII.

Copulation Hat

Fuck Hats

The Peregrine Falcon nearly became extinct in America mostly because they were getting destroyed by pesticides. A falconer invented the Fuck Hat, or “copulation hat”

Entomological Warfare in the US More than 70 Years Experimenting on Civilians

Entomological Warfare

Entomological warfare is a form of biological warfare in which insects are used to disrupt supply lines to injure the enemy.

Mind Control Experiments -From 1955, artist William Millarc takes part in an LSD experiment alleged to have been part of the MK-ULTRA program.

Introduction to Project MK-Ultra

Project MK-Ultra was a CIA’s covert mind control program. It was designed to identify techniques and drugs that might be used in interrogations to weaken subjects and compel confessions

Liverpool Port Sanitary Authority rat-catchers in equipment /WellcomeCollection

Rat Catchers

The term “rat-catcher” refers to individuals who are hired to capture and exterminate rats.

This 1844 telegraph key by Alfred Vail, improving on Morse’s original design, is believed to be from the first Baltimore-Washington telegraph line.

The Invention of the Telegraph

Although it is usually attributed to a single man, Samuel F. B Morse, the invention of the telegraph was really the result of a chain of contributions made…

Ancient Robots and Miracles

Ancient Robots and Miracles
Religious automata have been used for centuries to sway public perception and opinion into doctrine. It made people witness “miracles”.

Room 39 North Korea’s Secret Society

Room 39

Room 39 is one of the most secret organizations in arguably the world’s most secretive state.

Before Radar - Pre-Radar Listener - Obsolete Jobs of History

Pre-Radar Listener

Troops used acoustic mirrors made of concrete and similar listening devices to detect enemy aircraft.

Genius of the Ancient World Hero of Alexandria – 1st Century AD

Hero of Alexandria

Hero of Alexandria is frequently regarded as the finest experimental of antiquity, a true Genius of the Ancient World whose mind can only be compared to that of Leonardo da Vinci.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah The Founder of Pakistan in 1947

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Muhammad Ali Jinnah did all three in 1947 as the Founder of Pakistan

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