Discover the art of camouflage, phantom armies, misinformation campaigns, and audacious ruses that have bewildered and outwitted enemies throughout history using Historical Military Deception.

Historical Military Deception

The Trojan Horse The Ultimate Deception

The Trojan Horse

The Trojan War, a legendary conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans, had been raging for ten long years.

Sun Tzu's 2500-years-old “Art of War” Deception as a Fundamental Strategy

The Art of War

The ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu emphasized the importance of deception as a fundamental strategy in warfare.

Gaugamela The Battle That Changed The World - 331 BC

Battle of Gaugamela

Alexander became the king of kings after this battle as he went on to defeat the remaining Persian Army.

The Battle of Trasimene – 217 BCE

The Battle of Trasimene

One such tactical masterpiece was Hannibal Barca’s deception at Lake Trasimene in 217 BCE.

Operation Lunik- The CIA's Plan To Steal A Soviet Spacecraft in 1959

Operation Lunik

The Lunik Plot was a CIA operation during the Cold War in which a Soviet Union spacecraft was hijacked at a train station.

Agent Garbo The Greatest Double Agent of WWII

Agent Garbo

In the midst of this global conflict, AGENT GARBO emerged as one of the most remarkable and successful deception campaigns of WWII.

Greek Wildfire 7th-Century Napalm

Greek Wildfire

Wildfire is a type of flammable liquid based on arcane knowledge that keeps on spreading and simply cannot be extinguished by conventional means.

Operation Mincemeat The Corpse That Fooled Hitler and Changed the Outcome of World War 2

Operation Mincemeat

Major Martin was at the heart of Operation Mincemeat, a captivating tale of deception, espionage, and innovation that played a crucial role in shaping the course of World War II.

The French Built a Fake Paris in 1917

Fake Paris

The strategy devised by the French was complex. In 1917, they began building the city.

Image of Simo Häyhä posing with one of his riffles

The Deadliest Sniper in History

His training as a sniper for the Finnish Army began a year before the outbreak of the “Winter War” against the Soviets.

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