Unearth the forgotten Strange Jobs of History that were once integral to society. Experience the curious world of town criers, leech collectors, and rat catchers, who were once essential figures in their respective communities.

Strange Jobs of History

Archimimes The Clown Funeral Impersonating the Dead

Funeral Clowns

In more recent times, funeral clown services are making a comeback throughout Europe and the USA.

Orgy Party Planners of Ancient Rome

Orgy Planners

In ancient Rome, orgies were one of the most popular high-society events. These gatherings required someone to oversee the details : the Orgy Party Planners.

A powder monkey on a Union Navy vessel during the American Civil War, circa. 1864

Powder Monkeys

An industry that actively recruited young boys was the British Royal Navy. These children were known as “Powder Monkeys.”

Whipping Boy The Court Companion Who Took On The Royal Beatings e1693395737114 Strange Jobs of History

Whipping Boy

Did you know it was a real job that existed through post-Medieval Europe and not at all a literary invention?

Liverpool Port Sanitary Authority rat-catchers in equipment /WellcomeCollection

Rat Catchers

The term “rat-catcher” refers to individuals who are hired to capture and exterminate rats.

Mortsafes Protecting Graves from 18th Century Body Snatchers

Grave Robbers

Mortsafe became popular in the 18th and 19th century Britain to protect graves from body snatchers.

"Keying Up" - The Court, Jester William Merritt Chase

Court Jester

Triboulet The Jester was a comedically gifted court Jester that lived during the reigns of both Louis XII and Francis I.

Groom of the Stool and Yeoman of the Chamber a 14th-Century Job

Groom of the Stool

Groom of the Stool was a job that existed in England from the medieval period until the reign of King Edward VII in the 19th century.

The Parchmenter Job A 5000-Year-Old Forgotten Trade

The Parchmenter

Parchment has been used as writing material for thousands of years, and Parchmenters were the skilled craftsmen who produced this valuable commodity.

Bematists Were The Original Step Counters in Ancient Greece in The 5th Century BCE


The ancient Greeks were known for their fascination with physical activity. One of the professions that emerged from this culture was that of ‘step counters’.

Leech Collector and Bloodletting in the 19th Century

Leech Collector

An old profession that has largely disappeared is that of leech collector, sometimes called leech gatherer or leech finder.

Guardian of the Anus - Anus Blower - Strange Jobs of History

Guardian of the Anus

The anus blower had several tasks to make sure the pharaoh was healthy by emptying the bowels of the pharaoh.

Copulation Hat

Fuck Hats

The Peregrine Falcon nearly became extinct in America mostly because they were getting destroyed by pesticides. A falconer invented the Fuck Hat, or “copulation hat”

Pre-Radar Listener Job Old Forgotten Jobs of History

Pre-Radar Listener

Troops used acoustic mirrors made of concrete and similar listening devices to detect enemy aircraft.

Gong Farmer The Unsung Heroes of Medieval England's Sanitation System

Gong Farmers

In medieval England, the gong farmer played a crucial role in maintaining the sanitation system of cities and towns.”

Praegustator Job in Ancient Rome Palate Guardians and Aristocratic Culinary Safety

Praegustator Job in Ancient Rome

In the heart of ancient Rome, a unique profession thrived: the Praegustator Job, also known Food Tester.

The Sin-Eater Job and Sin-Eating in Medieval Britain

The Sin-Eater Job

Sin-eaters bore the collective burden of sins from all the individuals whose transgressions they had consumed.

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