History of Food. Embark on a culinary expedition that transcends the confines of time, whisking you away to ancient civilizations where food was not just sustenance but an art form.

History of Food

2000 Years of Aioli A Delicious Dip Through Time


Aioli is a popular sauce that has its origins in Mediterranean cuisine. It is a simple yet flavourful sauce made with garlic and olive oil that has become a staple in the region’s cuisine.

The First Beer in the World Was Made by Women

The First Beer in the World

The manufacturing and consumption of beer are at least as old as the oldest written history records that exist, dated a little over 5000 years ago from Ancient Sumer and Ancient Egypt

History of PEZ Candy A 95-Year-Old Anti-Smoking Peppermint

History of PEZ Candy

PEZ was initially a breath mint for adults developed as an alternative to smoking over 95 years ago in Vienna, Austria. Today, PEZ is exported to more than 90 countries globally. 

A History of Ketchup: When Was Ketchup Inventend?

When Was Ketchup Invented?

Ketchup is part and parcel of almost every American dish nowadays, but despite its current links, ketchup wasn’t developed in the United States.


Who Invented Graham Crackers?

Reverend Sylvester Graham invented the cracker cookie as a way to prevent sexual urges.

The Coca-Cola Vault and The Secret Formula

The Coca-Cola Vault

When you have something special and unique, you want to keep it hidden, and that is precisely what Coca-Cola has done from its inception. For over 125 years, Coca-Cola has managed to keep its recipe secret.

Origin of cooking with fire

When Did People Start Cooking with Fire?

We know from archaeological evidence that humans have been cooking on fire since the Stone Age.

The Surprising Origins of Kellogg's Cereals From Sibling Rivalry to Cereal Empire - 1906

History of Kellogg’s Cereals

The origins of Kellogg’s® cereals is a fascinating journey that began in 1906 and has since become synonymous with breakfast in many households around the world.