Welcome to the gripping realm of “Weapons of War,” an immersive section that unveils the awe-inspiring power and technological marvels that have shaped the battlefield. From ancient armaments that decided the fate of empires to the cutting-edge innovations of modern warfare.

Weapons of War

Weapons of War The Aztec Macuahuitl – 900 AD

The Aztec Macahuitl

This was a weapon used by the Aztecs and other Mesoamerican cultures in pre-Columbian times. It was a type of sword that was made from obsidian

Mambele and Kpinga African Throwing Knives

Mambele and Kpinga

African throwing knives have a long history in African culture. These equipments were used by various tribes for hunting, warfare, and self-defence.

Emei Piercers

Emei Daggers

Chinese Wushu Emei Daggers (峨嵋刺), also known as piercers, hold a significant place in the rich history and tradition of Chinese martial arts.

Joyeuse displayed in the Louvre. - Wikipedia


The fabled sword of Charlemagne, King of the Franks and founder of the Holy Roman Empire

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