This page “World War I Files” Files uncovers the remarkable sacrifices, heroic acts, and enduring legacies of the Great War. Explore the geopolitical tensions, technological advancements, and strategic maneuvers that ignited this global conflagration. Immerse yourself in the narratives of soldiers, civilians, and leaders who shaped the course of history during this turbulent time.

WW I Files

Pre-Radar Listener Job Old Forgotten Jobs of History

Pre-Radar Listener Job

There was a time when armies were unable to depend on Radar for preparations in combat. Troops used Acoustic Mirrors made of concrete and similar listening devices to detect enemy aircraft.

The French built a _fake Paris in 1917-

Fake Paris

The strategy devised by the French was complex. In 1917, they began building the city. The chosen location was on a stretch of the Seine River that roughly resembled the Parisian district of the same name.

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