The Welsh Triangle: 45 years of UFO Sightings in Broad Haven

Broad Haven -  The Welsh Triangle: 45 years of UFO Sightings in Broad Haven
Broad Haven

Broad Haven Triangle

In 1977, Wales saw one of Britain’s craziest UFO flaps. It’s called the Dyfed Enigma, Welsh Triangle case, or Broad Haven UFO sightings. Schoolchildren start the story.

Broad Haven, also known as Aberllydan in Welsh, is a community and seaside resort located in south Pembrokeshire, Wales, at the western terminus of the B4341 road. Broad Haven is in the southeast corner of St. Bride’s Bay.

Together, the communities of Broad Haven and Little Haven make up the Havens community, which is a division of the Pembrokeshire County Council. The Havens had a total population of 1,328 residents as per the census completed in 2001. The Baptist church in Broad Haven is the sole place of worship available, but there are several Anglican churches in the neighbouring town of Little Haven.

South Pembrokeshire - The Welsh Triangle- 45 years of UFO sightings in Broad Haven
Map of West Wales – South Pembrokeshire – The Welsh Triangle: 45 years of UFO sightings in Broad Haven

UFO Sightings in Broad Haven

Pupils at Broad Haven Primary School made the claim 45 years ago that they saw a UFO in the field next to their playground. One of a series of sightings in the area known as the Dyfed Triangle occurred in 1977.

When David Davies was ten years old, he began hearing stories from other students about how they had seen flying saucers all day.

“That is why I went to the location where the children reported they had seen it after the bell rung,” he told BBC Wales.

“Cigar-shaped” craft with a “dome covering the central third” was reported by him.

“My brief encounter with the creature was cut short by the passage of time. It appeared from behind a tree, then reappeared.”

David Davies claimed UFOs have been a subject that has gone on to dominate his life
David Davies claimed UFOs have been a subject that has gone on to “dominate” his life

Davies agreed that “a peculiar yearning to run away” made him feel uneasy but insisted that he wasn’t terrified.

A group of teachers didn’t believe the kids, so the headmaster had them draw what they saw. They drew somewhat different things, but the result was essentially the same.

Broad Haven School's 1977 UFO scrapbook had student artwork
Broad Haven School’s 1977 UFO scrapbook had student artwork
Children from Broad Haven Primary School reported seeing alien activity in their playing field in 1977 Credit: Western Mail
Children from Broad Haven Primary School reported seeing alien activity on their playing field in 1977 Credit: Western Mail

Those following days were described by Mr Davies as a “wild roller coaster.”

“The media went bananas, and it was impossible to settle down and think about what we had seen.” “It went crazy with the media.”

Other Sightings

In the following two months, Rosa Granville, owner of the Haven Fort Hotel in adjacent Little Haven, reported witnessing an “upside-down saucer” and two “faceless humanoid” creatures with pointed heads. The amount of heat it emitted made her “feel burned” on her face, she claimed.

“It was emitting a rainbow of colours of light and flames. When the monsters emerged from the flames, I’m not sure what to make of it “, she remarked. She also stated that “two inches of the scorched ground” were visible. Because of the encounter, Ms Granville described herself as “agitated and disturbed.”

According to BestOfWales, one family, in particular, The Coombs, was severely affected by the events. “They had a number of strange experiences. Among these were sightings of UFOs from their car; a 7-ft silver-suited being with a black visor appearing outside their window; constant mechanical disturbances, including their car and television set, repeatedly breaking down and having to be replaced; and their cows seemingly being teleported from one field to another. “

The Ministry of Defense’s Official Response

There have been several hypotheses put forth to explain the sightings. After being “inundated” with reports of UFO sightings, Nicholas Edwards, the MP for Pembroke at the time, approached the Ministry of Defense.

RAF Brawdy officer Flt Lt Cowan, who visited Ms Granville’s hotel, found no indication of a landing. For any UFO sightings at his base, “standard landing fees” would be applied.

In his report, he acknowledged the possibility that a “local prankster” was at work and the description of aliens “matched exactly the type of protection suit that would have been supplied in the event of a fire at one of the local oil refineries.”

According to documents published by the National Archives, officials investigating the Broad Haven sightings suspected pranksters after looking into UFO sightings across Wales.

A “practical joker” may be to blame for the sightings in the neighbourhood, according to the government agency that investigated them at the time.

It was also speculated that schoolchildren might have mistaken a sewage tank for a UFO, even though many of them were raised on farms and were therefore familiar with the equipment.

It was recently reported that the silver-suited guy was a US military member wearing their standard fireproof outfit, and the UFOs were new Harrier jets flying overhead.

The Unofficial Response

UFO enthusiasts have conducted many investigations about the Broad Haven UFO sightings. Neil Spring, author of The Watchers, a book based on the Broad Haven sightings claimed to have discovered a secret military investigation.

Officials were so concerned about UFO sightings in Broad Haven that they requested a ‘discreet’ probe from the military police, despite the government’s public assertions that they had no records of any anomalous activity in the area.

Whilst the government was telling the public they had no records of any unusual activity in the area, privately, officials were so concerned about the UFO sightings in Broad Haven that they asked the military police to conduct a ‘discreet’ investigation

Neil Spring

Among the documents discovered by Neil Spring, there was a letter from the head of the MoD’s S4 wing to the Provost & Security Service, the RAF’s internal police force.

The S4 chief wrote “I have not even told the Minister I am consulting you” and called for a “discreet enquiry” after expressing bewilderment at the number of apparently “level-headed” witnesses to the strange activity.

Nick Pope, who worked as a UFO investigator for the MOD, said: “This bombshell document shows how the MoD’s UFO project asked the RAF Police to conduct a secret investigation into these mysterious events, while Parliament, the media and the public were being told the subject was of no defence significance.

Parting Thoughts

British history was forever changed by the Broad Haven UFO incident. Journalists and experts from across the country were intrigued by what happened there, but the bizarre occurrences still remain a mystery today.

And after all these years, one question remains. Is it possible for a whole class of schoolchildren to lie? And if they did, how come none of them have come forward after 45 years to say they made the whole thing up?

Broad Haven student's sightings caused a media frenzy
Broad Haven student’s sightings caused a media frenzy

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