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So if you want to know more about Project Lunik Spacecraft, or the disastrous consequences of the Vietnam War due to McNamara’s Morons, The CIA’s extremely controversial Project Artichoke, and the Thule Bomb Accident, maybe you are more into Deadliest Snipers in the World, then, we have you covered!

If you are more into famous historical battles such as Gaugamela, or you prefer to learn about military strategists and generals, then this is the site for you.

We also cover ancient and mysterious locations such as the Al Naslaa Rock Formation in Saudi Arabia, to The Great City of Cambodia, and all the way to the isolated tribe of North Sentinel Island.

Most importantly, we like the dark and mysterious, especially when it relates to the human mind and how a troubled mind can make a person become a Serial Killer. We cover an array of subjects relating to Human Ritual Sacrifice and Torture Devices across different cultures and historical periods.

And, above all, we like Forbidden Knowledge, Ancient Forgotten Technology, and Secret History that is not commonly taught or understood.

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