Website News and Updates

Website News and Updates
Website News and Updates – Weird History Facts

This section  “Website News and Updates,” is to keep you informed about any events that might affect the standard post routine here at Weird History Facts (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

The latest status update will always be below this line. Everything else that is old and/or no longer applicable will be deleted.


Hi All! New update. As of now, I think I have done and sorted all the issues that I could find (via PageSpeed/Google Console). There are a few remaining, but those are outside of the scope of my expertise. The site should now be easier to navigate and browse. But most importantly, I have fixed issues with images not displaying properly on mobile as well as elements being too close.

I have also disabled all comments, likes, and social icons. You can still share whatever post you like on social media via the standard copy/paste method. I have done this to improve speed and loading times.

Lastly, I have created a newsletter from Mailer Lite template. (Mostly because I suck at making things look pretty). You should have received one on Sunday 3rd of September. Instead of receiving an email every time I post (3 times a week), you will now receive just the 1 email on Sunday that will contain the 3 posts. I think this is better so you don’t get that many emails from me. Just once a week, instead of three times a week.

Somebody mentioned to me that I should have on my site the ability to switch between dark mode/light mode for reading. As some people might prefer to read on light themes. I thought this to be great idea that I have not thought about. It might be something I will implement in the future.

If there are any issues I missed, or if you have any ideas about how to improve the site, or really, anything else you want to talk to me about, feel free to send me an email.


There won’t be any posts until September 4th due to major website updates that include core mobile usability.