Whether you’re an educator, a student, or a lifelong learner, “Useful Resources for Teaching and Learning” offers a wealth of resources to facilitate engaging and immersive learning experiences. Explore comprehensive lesson plans, interactive websites, captivating documentaries, and informative books that cover a wide range of topics, from geography and environmental science to astronomy and space exploration.

Useful Resources For Teaching and Learning

Scientific Research - Government Research, Journals & STEM Reading

Scientific Research / Vaccines Safety

Scientific Research, Government Journals, articles of high-impact, original STEM Reading and Research Papers Biomedical and Physical, Engineering and Humanities.

Free Online Learning Resources of Sciences, Health and Social Studies - weird history facts

Health and Social Sciences

A selection of free online learning resources courses on every possible topic you can think of. Certificates, diplomas, university credits.

Earth-and-space - weird history facts

Earth and Space

Monitor a variety of Earth and Space phenomena. Earthquake Preparedness, Disaster and Recovery information, Volcanoes and Tornados.

Free English Resources for Teaching and Learning

English Resources

Free English Grammar, games, listening activities, pronunciation, vocabulary and reading resources.

Useful Resources and General Knowledge


Discover a multitude of resources, including books, documentaries, websites, and archives that offer valuable insights into different historical eras, civilizations, and cultures.

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