Top Military History Websites

If you are someone who is passionate about military history and looking to embark on an in-depth historical research journey, then you’ve come to the right place. In this age of technology and the internet, there are numerous online resources that provide rare and extensive access to historical military information.

US military history websites are a great source for primary research materials, and they offer unique insights into the country’s military history. Exploring US historical research resources can provide valuable information that can deepen your understanding of military studies. The best US military history websites for comprehensive research provide a wealth of information and are highly recommended by experts.

If you are an educator or student, comprehensive historical military resources are essential for research purposes. The best military history websites for primary source documents can help you gain access to unique historical documents and artifacts, which can enhance your learning experience. Extensive online military history resources are also available for self-study and research, providing an excellent opportunity to explore and expand your knowledge of military history.

Top US Military History Websites
Top US Military History Websites

If you’re looking for authentic primary source material related to American military history, the Library of Congress is an excellent resource to explore. It features a diverse range of items, including digitized versions of The Stars and Stripes, the World War I American soldiers’ newspaper, an extensive collection of maps from both Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War, and photographs of Japanese-American internment camps taken by renowned photographer Ansel Adams.

The online resources of the British National Army Museum feature a range of collections and images. Among its online exhibitions are The Western Front, 1918 and Helmands, which supports the NAM’s gallery exhibit titled Helmand: The Soldiers’ Story.

The Strategic Studies Institute provides an extensive database of information on contemporary military topics, which are categorized into two sections: Regional Issues and Strategic Issues. The Regional Issues section presents articles organized by global region, providing insight into the effects of current military issues on specific regions. For instance, the Middle East and North Africa section contains articles discussing the impact of the Iraq War and Hamas on the region, while the Asia Pacific section focuses on the escalating tension in Korea.

On the other hand, the Strategic Issues section contains articles that discuss contemporary strategic concerns, including the Global War on Terrorism and Homeland Security. This website is highly recommended for individuals who are interested in gaining knowledge on current military conflicts and strategies. It offers a wealth of information and analysis that can provide insights on the current state of military affairs around the world.

The Military History magazine has been digitized and can be accessed through this site, providing a vast collection of informative articles on various topics related to military history. The articles cover events and periods ranging from ancient times to modern-day conflicts. Despite having a wealth of articles available, the site can be challenging to navigate since there is no option to browse by topic, but the search function can be helpful. This website is an excellent resource to explore if you have a specific topic in mind and want to delve into it in-depth with well-written and insightful articles.

This website provides an extensive collection of member-written articles covering a broad range of military history topics. In addition, it features a Civil War Genealogy Database and community forums for discussion. However, it should be noted that some links to member articles are currently broken.

The Military History section of is an impressively organized and easily navigable website. Users can easily access various topics such as Naval Warfare, Strategies and Tactics, or Current Conflicts from the homepage. The site offers extensive information on major wars like World War II, as well as lesser-known conflicts like the 1969 Football War between El Salvador and Honduras. As a starting point for Military History research, this site proves to be an excellent resource.

The Air University of the US Air Force offers a comprehensive collection of links, which cater to those who wish to delve deeper into the world of military theory and strategy. This invaluable resource provides links to both online and textual materials for each topic, including but not limited to Strategy Models and Criticisms, Irregular Warfare, and Coercion Theory

The Air Force Historical Research Agency manages a vast document repository that holds more than 500,000 records related to the history of the US Air Force during the 20th century. Although there is an abundance of valuable information on this website, the material is often technical and specialized.

The browsing capabilities and organization are somewhat limited, and users typically need to rely on the search feature to locate specific documents. Additionally, since many of the documents are stored as PDF files, it can be difficult to navigate them casually. However, the site’s “photos” section is more accessible and provides helpful resources for users looking to explore visual materials related to Air Force history. If you are interested in studying the intricacies of Air Force history in-depth, this repository is an excellent resource.

The Society for Military History has a dedicated mission to promote the exploration and progression of military history. It provides a wealth of resources and links to various military history sites. The Journal of Military History’s back issues, a quarterly publication by the Society for Military History, can be accessed through JSTOR. However, the site’s design and certain content are outmoded.

The War Scholar presents an easily navigable resource titled “A Military History Timeline of War and Conflict Across the Globe 3000 B.C. to A.D. 1999.” This resource is organized into four major historical periods: Ancient World, Classical World, Middle Ages, and Modern. Each period is colour-coded, allowing for quick identification of major conflicts throughout the world during any given year or time frame. This timeline serves as a simple and concise reference, providing an insightful overview of the significant events that have shaped global military history.

The Avalon Project website may not be solely dedicated to Military History, but it provides digitized copies of crucial documents in law, diplomacy, and history dating back to 4000 BCE. It is a highly recommended source for anyone seeking the exact wording of a military treaty or document.

Covering more than two centuries of warfare, this website provides a comprehensive look at major and minor conflicts across the globe between 1800 and 1999. It features informative review essays, detailed timelines, and useful chronologies of armed conflict. The site’s content is divided into several major sections, including a section on WWII, an in-depth exploration of Weapons of War, and Articles of War that examine various military topics. Although the site offers a wealth of information, it is marred by obtrusive ads on its home page.

The target audience of this site is middle school students, and it aims to depict military history by using tabletop simulations of historical battles. These simulations cover various time periods, ranging from ancient Egypt to the Vietnam war, and they can be used in many history classes. Although the simulations are complex and require significant preparation time by the instructor, they offer a unique and engaging learning experience that can potentially enhance the students’ understanding of history.

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