Step into the “The Cold War Files and explore the intense geopolitical landscape, nuclear brinkmanship, and proxy conflicts that defined the Cold War era.

The Cold War Files

The Palomares Atomic Bomb Disaster of 1966

Palomers Atomic Bomb Disaster

The Palomares atomic bomb disaster of 1966 was a major nuclear accident that occurred in the small agricultural and fishing town of Palomares.

McNamara’s Morons

McNamara’s Morons

America was at war with Vietnam. Casualties were high on both sides. On America’s end, African Americans suffered disproportionately high casualty rates in Vietnam

Project Iceworm 1960: The Secret Nuclear Tunnels Under Greenland

Project Iceworm

In 1960, the US Army developed a secret program named Project Iceworm aimed at constructing a network of movable nuclear missile launch sites beneath the Greenland ice sheet.

The Thule Bomb Accident 1968 - A Series of Catastrophic Events

Thule Bomb Accident

The United States of America installed several military bases in Greenland. One of those bases was Camp Century, and the other was the Thule Air Base where the Thule Bomb Accident of 1968 took place

Room 39 North Korea’s Secret Society

North Korea’s Secret Society

Room 39 is one of the most secret organizations in arguably the world’s most secretive state.

Operation Lunik- The CIA's Plan To Steal A Soviet Spacecraft in 1959

Operation Lunik

The Lunik Plot was a CIA operation during the Cold War in which a Soviet Union spacecraft was hijacked at a train station.

Escape from Alcatraz 1962: a Daring True Story -Alcatraz Island as seen from the East

Escape from Alcatraz

On June, three dangerous criminals broke out of a maximum-security prison known as Alcatraz.

Entomological Warfare in the US More than 70 Years Experimenting on Civilians

Entomological Warfare

Entomological warfare is a form of biological warfare in which insects are used to disrupt supply lines through damage to crops, or directly to injure enemy combatants and civilian populations

The FBI's Yearlong Investigation into the Song Louie Louie - 1964

Song Louie Louie

In the annals of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) investigative history, one particular case stands out: the yearlong investigation into the song “Louie Louie.”

Project Chatter 1947 The Beginning of CIA's Mind Control Experimentation

Project Chatter

Project Chatter, a highly classified operation carried out by the United States Navy during the Cold War era, delved into the realms of mind control and chemical interrogation.

Flaps and Seals and Project HTLingual - 1952 to 1973

Project HTLingual

During the 1950s, the CIA created a special course taught by OTS to teach field officers the art of opening mail without detection. This mail-intercept project that lasted for 20 years

Operation Acoustic Kitty -The CIAs Spy Cats of the 1960s

Project Acoustic Kitty

Operation Acoustic Kitty was a 1960s-era CIA project that sought to utilize cats for espionage missions, with plans to monitor the Kremlin and Soviet embassies.

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