The Invention of the Folding Cabinet Bed – 1885

The Invention of the Folding Cabinet Bed – 1885 Intro In the late 19th century, Sarah E. Goode, an African American entrepreneur, inventor, and visionary, introduced a ground-breaking piece of furniture that would revolutionize the way people utilized their living spaces. Her invention, the Folding Cabinet Bed, not only addressed the challenges of space constraints in urban areas but also […]

MIT and Quaker Oats Fed Radioactive Cereals to Children in the 1940s

In the 1940s, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Quaker Oats tests conducted a series of experiments involving the consumption of radioactive cereals by children. In particular, the study sought to learn more about the effects of internal radiation exposure, and to develop methods for treating radiation sickness as opposed to external radiation exposure, which had been studied for many years.