Myths and Legends

Step into a World Where “Myths and Legends” Come Alive, Where Ancient Wisdom and Imagination Collide in a Dance of Mystery and Intrigue. From Fabled Creatures to Epic Adventures, This Spellbinding Section Unearths the Hidden Gems and Timeless Truths That Reside within Folklore. Myths and Legends The Weeping Woman ‘La Llorona’ The Legend of La Llorona is an ancient Mexican […]

The Stepmother and her Stepdaughter: A Serbian Legend

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived with her stepmother. The woman hated her stepdaughter exceedingly, because she was more beautiful than her own daughter, whom she had brought with her to the house. She did her utmost to turn the poor girl’s own father against her, and with such success that he soon began to scold and even to hate his own child.
The Stepmother and her Stepdaughter