Serial Killers

Infamous Serial Killers of history who shook their communities to the core. From poison to sleeping pills, to dismemberment to burning bodies in acid. Serial Killers Baba Anujka Baba Anujka, the Granny Killer, was the first and the most prolific of the former Yugoslavia’s killers, and probably also among the world’s most prolific. Jack The Ripper Few serial killers have […]

The Grisly Tale of ‘The Angel of Death’: One of the Most Prolific Serial Killers in Modern History 1975- 1998

One of the most infamous lonely hearts killers was Harold Frederick Shipman, nicknamed ‘Dr Death’ or ‘The Angel of Death’, a British doctor who is believed to have murdered between 215 and 250 of his patients, making him one of the world’s most prolific murderers. He posed as a caring and trustworthy physician but used his position to administer lethal doses of drugs to his victims.