Physical Experiments: Human and Animal Experimentation

From groundbreaking medical advancements to controversial ethical debates, “Physical Experiments” uncovers the stories of groundbreaking discoveries and medical breakthroughs as we dive deep into the realm of human and animal experimentation. Physical Experiments: Human and Animal Experimentation Radioactive Cereals In the 1940s, the MIT and Quaker Oats tests conducted a series of experiments involving the consumption of radioactive cereals by […]

The Cold War Files 1947-1991

Step into the “The Cold War Files and explore the intense geopolitical landscape, nuclear brinkmanship, and proxy conflicts that defined the Cold War era. The Cold War Files Palomers Atomic Bomb Disaster The Palomares atomic bomb disaster of 1966 was a major nuclear accident that occurred in the small agricultural and fishing town of Palomares. McNamara’s Morons America was at […]