Technology in a Historical Context

Technology in a Historical Context. Witness the remarkable progression of tools, machines, and inventions that have shaped civilization. Technology in a Historical Context Ancient Robots and MiraclesReligious automata have been used for centuries to sway public perception and opinion into doctrine. It made people witness “miracles”. Hero of Alexandria Hero of Alexandria is frequently regarded as the finest experimental of […]

The Gallo-Roman Dodecahedron 2-4 Century AD

The Roman Dodecahedron or Gallo-Roman Dodecahedron has long been an object of great mystery. It is a small, hollow object made of bronze or (less commonly) stone. Geometrically, it has 12 flat faces, with each face being pentagonal, decorated with a number of knobs at each of the corners of the pentagon, and having a circular hole of varying diameters connecting to the hollow centre.