We warned people. For months. Even years.

Every red flag was met with “FUD”, and “shill” and other more colourful adjectives. Like many others, I got banned from several forums for pointing out that there was no windmills, no Gambia, and that everything was just a cash grab.

People like Coffeezilla covered the topic on many occasions, warning so-called crypto investors that, like many other crypto endeavors out there, it was all a scam. As always, Coffee was right. Karony et all are currently under investigation for fraud and a litany of other charges. Their passports withheld as they are considered a flight risk.

Of course, all this has been overshadowed by the bigger scandal of FTX-Sam Bankman-Fried. The outcome of which honestly came as a surprise to me, given how much money Sam had donated to political campaigns, aka lobbying, aka bribes.

At this point, all I can think about is how are the people that tattooed themselves SafeMoon logos feeling at the moment. I love tattoos. In most cases, they are works of art embedded in living tissue with a deep, personal meaning. I also love hamburgers, but you won’t catch me walking around with McDonald’s or Burger King logo tattooed in my skin.