From ancient civilizations to modern revolutions, General History Files delves into a diverse range of historical topics, from cultural achievements to social movements, wars, and groundbreaking discoveries.

General History Files

Famous People in History

Famous People

Explore the inspiring stories of their triumphs, their groundbreaking discoveries, their indomitable spirits, and the lasting legacies they left behind. From the brilliant minds of ancient civilizations to the modern icons who have revolutionized our society.

Politics and Global Affairs


Delve deep into the intricate web of power, governance, and the dynamics of societies. Explore the diverse landscape of political systems, ideologies, and the individuals who shape the course of nations.

Important Events that Shaped the World

Important Events

Embark on a journey through history to uncover the pivotal moments that have left an indelible mark on humanity.

Torture and Capital Punishment

Torture / Capital Punishment

From ancient civilizations to modern legal systems, this section uncovers the methods, justifications, and controversies surrounding these extreme forms of punishment. Explore the ethical dilemmas, the impact on societies, and the evolving perspectives on justice and human rights.

The War Files -

The War Files

From the grand battles of World War I and World War II to the enigmatic intrigues of the Cold War and the cutting-edge technologies of modern warfare, “The War Files” leaves no stone unturned.

Unethical and Illegal Experiments


Operation Acoustic Kitty was a 1960s-era CIA project launched by the Directorate for Scientific & Technical Affairs that sought to utilize cats for espionage missions, with plans to monitor the Kremlin and Soviet embassies and record communications between buildings in the region.

Modern and Ancient Languages


Delve into the rich complexities of linguistics, as we uncover the origins, evolution, and interconnections of different languages. From ancient tongues to modern dialects, this section reveals the power of words to shape our thoughts, connect communities, and express the deepest facets of human experience.

Strange Locations

Strange Locations

From ancient ruins with puzzling origins to peculiar natural formations and inexplicable phenomena, this section invites you to unravel the secrets of these strange locations. Discover the eerie allure of haunted castles, the enigmatic allure of abandoned cities, and the otherworldly landscapes

Evolution of Science in a Historical Context


We delve into the remarkable advancements that have shaped our understanding of the world, with a specific focus on two main sections: Technology and Medicine.



Explore the diverse tapestry of beliefs, faiths, and spiritual journeys that have shaped human civilization. Embark on a soul-stirring quest as we delve into the rich traditions, sacred texts, and profound teachings of religions from around the world.

The Conspiracy Files

The Conspiracy Files

Delve into the intriguing realm of unsolved mysteries, enigmatic artifacts, and hidden truths.

Useful Resources and General Knowledge


Delve into a diverse array of subjects, from science and technology to history, arts, and beyond. Discover practical guides, informative articles, and helpful tips to navigate various aspects of life.

Odd Jobs - Weird History Facts


Unearth the forgotten professions and odd job titles that highlight the diverse needs and customs of different eras

History of Food

History of Food

Embark on a culinary expedition that transcends the confines of time, whisking you away to ancient civilizations where food was not just sustenance but an art form.

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