English Resources for Teaching and Learning

A collection of English Resources for both Teaching and Learning at any level.

Free English Grammar, games, listening activities, pronunciation, vocabulary and reading resources.

Free Online English Resources for Teaching and Learning
Free Online English Resources for Teaching and Learning

English Resources for Teaching and Learning

English Reading
English Pronunciation

A website dedicated to reading practice for all types of learners, including academics. Subjects and topics vary and articles can also be downloaded with a quiz, or you can hear alongside while reading.

Reading materials covering interesting current event topics and world news. Articles come with a pdf and a PowerPoint document for easy visualization of complicated subjects.

Forvo is an amazing tool to learn how to pronounce a word. Just type in the box, choose the language (many besides English) and hear it pronounced by various people with different accents

Type a verb in, and it will display the conjugation of every form. Ideal especially for the more complicated irregular verbs.

Comprehensive resources for pronunciation: word stress, sentence stress, homophones, etc.

English Listening Activities
English Games

A beautiful site that offers tons of children’s stories in audio, video and print. Stories range from classic fairytales to Irish folk to everything in between. It also has other fun activities for children such as easy cooking recipes and games

Poems, music, classical stories, fairytales and myths and legends for children.

Audio lessons and bedtime stories for students of English at the Intermediate level.

English games for kids to build up vocabulary and grammar and learn about English expressions.

ESL Interactive games and materials for teaching and learning. Children to Medium level.

Vocabulary lists with games and quizzes, matching lists and cards, interactive, etc.

Teach children English with games, colours, flashcards, music and sounds and more.

English Grammar
General Teaching and Learning

Pdf ebooks, grammar lessons, exercises, grammar quizzes, etc.

Pronunciation, prepositions, modal verbs, common mistakes and other resources.

Beginners A1 to B2 materials and practice test exams.

Basic to advanced grammar. Verbs, prepositions, possessive adjectives, should vs shall and shan’t, etc. Free English language courses

Amazingly comprehensive site for grammar lessons

Vocabulary lessons, ESL materials, audio pronunciation, reading, general grammar, etc

Elementary to advance. It offers a comprehensive list of resources from grammar to writing skills to listening and comprehension.

Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate English levels. It covers grammar, writing, modal verbs and passive forms.

Award-winning Spanish website dedicated to learning English up to proficiency level. It has other amazing resources such as conversational activities and articles with audio.

A1 to C2 levels. Spanish website dedicated to learning English and grammar, with emphasis on “First” and “Cambridge” exams.

Grammar learning and teaching, quizzes, vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs, etc.

A comprehensive list of resources for learning English at 3 different levels, plus business vocabulary.

Aimed at non-native English speakers, the site has lessons, worksheets and vocabulary for beginners to advanced levels. Covers everyday topics such as job interviews, office meetings, Health and Safety, etc.

Amazing resources for learning English such as speaking tests, differences between British English and British American, etc. The site comes in various languages for ease of navigation.

English courses from Children’s to Advanced, along with multimedia resources and EFL practice tests.

Idioms, proverbs, aphorisms, famous quotes, one-liners, sayings and puns, tongue twisters, etc.

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