Praegustator Job in Ancient Rome: Palate Guardians and Aristocratic Culinary Safety

In the heart of ancient Rome, where grand feasts and sumptuous banquets of culinary extravagance were the hallmarks of the opulent and sophisticated elite society, a unique profession thrived: the Praegustator Job, also known Food Tester. Tasked with an indispensable role, these individuals held the extraordinary role of safeguarding the palates and well-being of the Roman aristocracy through meticulous tasting and analysis of culinary offerings encompassing a comprehensive understanding of ancient Roman banquets, culinary practices, and historical food testing methods

Strange Jobs of History

Unearth the forgotten Strange Jobs of History that were once integral to society. Experience the curious world of town criers, leech collectors, and rat catchers, who were once essential figures in their respective communities. Strange Jobs of History Funeral Clowns In more recent times, funeral clown services are making a comeback throughout Europe and the USA. Orgy Planners In ancient […]

Bematists Were The Original Step Counters in Ancient Greece in The 5th Century BCE

The ancient Greeks were known for their fascination with physical activity and exercise, and one of the professions that emerged from this culture was that of the Bematists or Bematistae, who were essentially ‘step counters’. These individuals were responsible for measuring the distance of various routes, such as roads and racecourses, by counting the number of steps it took to traverse them