Spanish Stonehenge of Guadalperal: a 5000-year-old Megalithic Structure

The Dolmen of Guadalperal, also known as the “Spanish Stonehenge”, is an ancient megalithic monument located near the town of Cáceres in the Extremadura region of western Spain.

The Mysterious Coral Castle

The Coral Castle is a mysterious megalithic structure located in Homestead, Florida. Built by Latvian-American Edward Leedskalnin, the castle contains a number of large stone structures, including walls, towers, and sculptures. It is believed that Leedskalnin single-handedly constructed the entire castle from limestone, coral, and other materials.

The 2 Billion Year Old Natural Nuclear Fission Reactor of Gabon Discovered in 1972

Primordial Nukes-
The 2 Billion Year Old Natural Nuclear Fission Reactor of Gabon Discovered in 1972

Angkor Thom: The Great City of Cambodia 12th Century Wonder

Angkor Thom or Nokor Thom (‘The Great City’ in the Khmer language) is located in the northern province of Siem Reap in Cambodia. It was the last and most persisting capital of the Khmer Empire.

Afghanistan’s Ancient and Beautiful Minaret of Jam was Built In 1194 A.D.

One of the masterpieces of the Islamic World is the Minaret of Jam, a site noteworthy for the quality of its architecture. This is a true example of engineers and labourers coming together to build one of the most beautiful sites still standing in the world today.

Everlasting Fire: The Eternal Flame Falls of New York

Located in the state of New York is the waterfall Eternal Flame Falls, more exactly in Chestnut Ridge Park, in Erie County. Although located inside the park’s boundaries, Eternal Flame Falls is located at the edges, far away from crowds, and is more directly accessible via the trailhead located at the southern edge of Chestnut Ridge Park.

Al Naslaa Rock Formation: The Mysterious 4,000-year-old Saudi Arabian Boulder

The Al Naslaa rock formation is located in the Tayma Oasis of Saudi Arabia – home of the oldest human settlements. It was discovered in 1883 by Charles Huvor, and ever since, this particular rock formation has fuelled debate among academics, alternative researchers and tourists.

Snake Island: A Deadly Paradise

Approximately 33 kilometres off the coast of São Paulo (Brazil), in the Atlantic Ocean, there exists one of the deadliest places in the world known as Snake Island.

North Sentinel Island: a 60,000-Year-Old Tribe

Humanity has explored almost every mysterious or unique part of the world. But there are places he is yet to inspect. One of those strange locations is North Sentinel Island where lives a 60,000 year-old tribe

Devil’s Pool: Australia’s Most Haunted Spot

There are many devilish places in the world longing to pull their victims to their doom. But is there any sort of paranormal energy in those places, making them cursed and hostile to visitors?
Devil’s Pool: Australia’s Most Haunted Spot