Memetics: An Introduction

Memetics is the science that deals with cultural information transfer based on Darwinian evolution. Ideas can successfully propagate and affect the decision-making of both the individual and the general public, as propagation doesn’t necessarily imply that a concept is factual. Memetics combines Online Data Collection and Metrics Tools with Game Theory, Biology, Psychology, and various social sciences.

Digital Warfare and Psychological Operations

Welcome to the Haunting Realm of Digital Warfare and Psychological Operations, where shadows morph into relentless warriors, plunging us into a spine-chilling saga of cybernetic mayhem! Brace yourself for an electrifying journey through the virtual battlefield, where minds are the primary targets and technology becomes a weapon of mass disruption. In This Uncharted Territory, Information is the Ultimate Weapon, and […]

The Cold War Files 1947-1991

Step into the “The Cold War Files and explore the intense geopolitical landscape, nuclear brinkmanship, and proxy conflicts that defined the Cold War era. The Cold War Files Palomers Atomic Bomb Disaster The Palomares atomic bomb disaster of 1966 was a major nuclear accident that occurred in the small agricultural and fishing town of Palomares. McNamara’s Morons America was at […]

The Interwar Period  1919-1939

Welcome to the gripping realm of The Interwar Period, an immersive section that unveils the awe-inspiring intrigues that led an extremely devastating global conflict. The Interwar Period Discovery of Penicillin Fleming made the discovery in 1928. Fleming himself was unaware of the significance of this discovery. The Reichstag Fire On February 1933, after dictator Adolf Hitler was inaugurated as Chancellor […]

The War Files

Your ultimate source for captivating and revealing insights into the hidden realms of warfare. From the grand battles of the past to the enigmatic intrigues of the Cold War and the cutting-edge technologies of modern warfare, “The War Files” leaves no stone unturned. The War Files Historical Military Deception The Jaw-Dropping Art of Military Deception in History Revealed! Weapons of […]

Historical Military Deception

Discover the art of camouflage, phantom armies, misinformation campaigns, and audacious ruses that have bewildered and outwitted enemies throughout history using Historical Military Deception. Historical Military Deception The Trojan Horse The Trojan War, a legendary conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans, had been raging for ten long years. The Art of War The ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu […]

World War I Files – 1914-1918

This page “World War I Files” Files uncovers the remarkable sacrifices, heroic acts, and enduring legacies of the Great War. Explore the geopolitical tensions, technological advancements, and strategic maneuvers that ignited this global conflagration. Immerse yourself in the narratives of soldiers, civilians, and leaders who shaped the course of history during this turbulent time. WW I Files Pre-Radar Listener Job […]

World War II Files – 1939-1945

Welcome to the captivating realm of World War II Files, a dedicated section that unveils the gripping tales and hidden secrets of the Second World War. Heart-stopping battles, mind-blowing strategies, remarkable triumphs, resistance fighters, double agents and ordinary citizens caught in the turmoil that defined this monumental global conflict. World War II Files Introduction to WWII World War II stands […]