Huaco Silbador: The Ancient Peruvian Whistling Jars of 500 BC

The Whistling Jars are a unique and fascinating type of ancient Peruvian ceramic musical instrument that has captured the attention of musicians and music enthusiasts around the world. Also known as “Whistling Vessels”, “Huaco” or “Huaco Silbador,” these musical instruments produce a hauntingly beautiful sound that is created by allowing air to flow into the vessel or by pouring a liquid from one chamber into the other.

50,000 years-old Prehistoric Needles

The oldest prehistoric needles ever found were discovered in the Sibudu Cave, South Africa. The needles, which date back to approximately 57,000 – 63,000 years ago, were made from bone and are just a few centimetres long. These needles were likely used to create clothing or other textiles, a skill that would have been critical for survival in the harsh conditions of prehistoric times.