Debunking the Babylonokia: an 800-year-old Mobile Phone

An ancient mobile phone was found during archaeological excavations at Fuschl am See, (in Salzburg), Austria. Researchers unearthed the Babylonokia, an 800-year-old Nokia mobile phone with cuneiform writing on it

Rotokas Language: The Shortest Alphabet in the World

Rotokas language is spoken by about 4,000 people on Bougainville, an island east of New Guinea, in the province of Papua New Guinea. The language is only one of the 18 languages spoken in Bougainville, with just four languages in decline.

The Chalice Of Lycurgus: a 1,600-year-old Cup of Roman Nanotechnology

The original cup from Lycurgus dates from the 4th century AD, likely taken only on special occasions, showing the king of Thrace, Lycurgus, trapped by vines,

The Chalice Of Lycurgus: a 1,600-year-old Cup of Roman Nanotechnology

Prehistoric Petrospheres: The Carved Stone Balls of Scotland 5,000-2,500 BC

The Prehistoric Petrospheres of Scotland, most commonly known as the Carved Stone Balls, are a mysterious and unique class of objects made of different fine stones, such as sandstone and granite. These rare ancient artifacts were shaped 5000 to 5200 years ago

Greek Wildfire: 7th-Century Napalm

Wildfire is a type of flammable liquid based on arcane knowledge that keeps on spreading and simply cannot be extinguished by conventional means.
But as it happens, that is exactly what Greek Fire, Greek Wildfire: 7th-Century Napalm was all about

Pirahã Language: Brazil’s Challenge to Modern Linguistics

Pirahã, a hunter-gatherer tribe numbering around 700 lives along the Maici River in the Amazon Forest of North-western Brazil. This tribe speaks Piraha Language

Genius of the Ancient World: Hero of Alexandria – 1st Century AD

Hero of Alexandria is frequently regarded as the finest experimental of antiquity, a true Genius of the Ancient World whose mind can only be compared to that of Leonardo da Vinci.

The Electropathic Sex Belt: Electroshock Medical Treatments to Cure Impotence and Hernias

a lot of fascinating new devices were introduced in the area of medicine. These new devices produced electric discharges and were supposed to cure everything from liver disease to hernias.
 One of those devices was The Electropathic Sex Belt

Mortsafes: Protecting Graves from 18th Century Body Snatchers

Mortsafe became popular in the 18th and 19th century Britain to protect graves from body snatchers

The Oldest Wheel In The World is More Than 5,000 Years-Old

While currently it is not known when the first wheel was invented, we have archaeological evidence of the oldest wheel to date ever found, known as the Ljubljana Marshes Wheel.
The Oldest Wheel In The World is More Than 5,000 Years-Old