3,000 Years of Human Ritual Sacrifice in Ancient China

Human ritual sacrifice, a gruesome practice in which people were ceremonially slaughtered as offerings to gods, supernatural beings, or ancestors, has a haunting history across various civilizations. While these brutal killings have occurred in numerous civilizations throughout history, ancient Chinese culture was unique due to the intensity with which it occurred, its scale and brutality, and the hordes of people massacred.

‘McNamara’s Morons’: The Folly of American Foreign Policy – 1966

The year was 1966. America was at war with Vietnam. Casualties were high on both sides. On America’s end, African Americans suffered disproportionately high casualty rates in Vietnam. In 1965 alone they comprised 14.1% of total combat deaths when they only comprised approximately 11% of the total U.S. population in the same year.
McNamara’s Morons: The Folly of American Foreign Policy