Praegustator Job in Ancient Rome: Palate Guardians and Aristocratic Culinary Safety

In the heart of ancient Rome, where grand feasts and sumptuous banquets of culinary extravagance were the hallmarks of the opulent and sophisticated elite society, a unique profession thrived: the Praegustator Job, also known Food Tester. Tasked with an indispensable role, these individuals held the extraordinary role of safeguarding the palates and well-being of the Roman aristocracy through meticulous tasting and analysis of culinary offerings encompassing a comprehensive understanding of ancient Roman banquets, culinary practices, and historical food testing methods

The Snowtown Murders and the Bodies in the Barrels: A Horrifying True Story of Torture, Dismemberment and Cannibalism

The Snowtown murders, commonly known as the “bodies in the barrels” case, are filled with unthinkable horrors: mutilation, sexual abuse, and violent deaths that ultimately claimed the lives of 12 people. This true crime story is not only the account of one depraved and violent killer but also the work of a group of sadistic men and one vicious, blood-thirsty leader.