The “Vile Garrote”: Spain’s Preferred Method of Capital Punishment

The Vile Garrote was a procedure for executing a convicted person by compressing his throat with a rope twisted with a stick, with a metal ring or by pressing the neck with a screw.

Crocodile Shears Medieval Torture Device: A 2006 Wikipedia Hoax

Crocodile shears were a Medieval Torture Device used in late Medieval Europe.
It was a gruesome form of torture particularly reserved for men who tried to assassinate the king.

Lingchi “Death by a Thousand Cuts”: 18 Centuries of Gruesome Chinese Torture

Lingchi , usually translated as ‘death by a thousand cuts’, ‘death by division’, ‘slow slicing’, ‘lingering death’, ‘slow process’, , was a slow and extremely painful execution method in which a knife was used to make small shallow cuts all over the body of the victim until death.

The Brazen Bull of Phalaris: A Gruesome Ancient Greek Torture Device 6 Century BC

The Brazen Bull, also known as the Bronze Bull, Sicilian Bull, or Bull of Phalaris, is one of the most infamous torture devices used in ancient Greece.

The Iron Maiden Torture Device: an 18th-Century Hoax

The Iron Maiden was a torture device believed to have originated in Germany during the Middle Ages. It was said to have been invented by a German executioner named Johannes Eckhardt.

The Judas Cradle: A Medieval Torture Device

Hundreds of medieval torture devices were conceived and created with the sole purpose of inflicting pain. Today, we are going to review one of those devices known as the Judas Cradle.

2000 Years of Death By Elephant

Elephants were often used as a symbol of royal authority and were often employed to torment captives in public executions.
2000 Years of Death By Elephant

Ritual Sacrifices in Mesopotamia Culture – 3100 BC

In ancient Mesopotamia, human sacrifice was considered an ordinary practice that was to be followed by its residents. The Royal Cemetery of Ur is host some of the most magnificent series of tombs where we can see the evidence of how human sacrifice was practiced there by the people.
Ritual Sacrifices in Mesopotamia Culture – 3100 BC

Human Ritual Sacrifice in Ancient China

The ceremonial slaughter practices of human beings to give tribute to Gods, supernatural entities, and forefathers is what human ritual sacrifice is all about. While these brutal killings have occurred in numerous civilizations throughout history, ancient Chinese culture was unique due to the intensity with which it occurred, and the hordes of people massacred.
Human Ritual Sacrifice in Ancient China