Tsukumogami: the World of Japanese Spirit Objects

Among these captivating yokai, one that stands out is the “Tsukumogami”. The term “tsukumogami” (付喪神) translates to “tool kami” or “artifact kami.” The word “kami” in Japanese translates to “god” or “spiritual being.” Tsukumogami are objects that have gained spirits or become sentient after existing for 100 years.

The Story of Oniata: A Native Legend of the Iroquois

In the veins of the red man ran the wild poetry and imagination of the hunt, the chase, the battle, the capture, the dance, the forests, the valleys, the mountains, the streams, lakes and rivers, for a thousand generations; and yet they were without accomplishment in letters or arts.
The Story of Oniata: A Native Legend of the Iroquois

Top 10 Religious Movements of the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages, spanning roughly from the 5th to the 15th century, witnessed a complex tapestry of religious movements that shaped the socio-political landscape of Europe. This era was marked by the dominance of the Catholic Church and the presence of various religious movemnts challenging its authority.