The Clyster Syringe: A Historical and Medical Analysis

Enemas, also known as clysters, have a fascinating history dating back to ancient times. The Egyptians were among the first to employ them as a remedy for various anal ailments like piles, providing relief and treatment for such conditions.
The Clyster syringe, (also spelled in the 17th Century, `glister’) is an old-fashioned word for enema, more particularly for enemas administered using a Clyster syringe — that is, a syringe with a rectal nozzle and a plunger.

The History of the Foldable Umbrella

The umbrella is an ingenious invention that has provided people with portable protection against rain and sunlight for centuries. The concept of sheltering oneself from the rain or sun using a canopy-like structure has its roots in ancient civilizations and dates back thousands of years.

Memetics: An Introduction

Memetics is the science that deals with cultural information transfer based on Darwinian evolution. Ideas can successfully propagate and affect the decision-making of both the individual and the general public, as propagation doesn’t necessarily imply that a concept is factual. Memetics combines Online Data Collection and Metrics Tools with Game Theory, Biology, Psychology, and various social sciences.

Project Chatter 1947: The Beginning of CIA’s Mind Control Experimentation

Project Chatter, a highly classified operation carried out by the United States Navy during the Cold War era, delved into the realms of mind control and chemical interrogation. Launched in the fall of 1947, this covert program aimed to develop new methods for extracting information and manipulating human behaviour through the use of drugs, including LSD and other mind-altering substances.