Anansi and the Wisdom: A Legend from Ghana

Anansi, commonly referred to as the “God of Stories”, is a spider trickster figure in African folklore, particularly among the Akan people of Ghana. Anansi’s name comes from the word in the Akan language for “spider.”

Bematists Were The Original Step Counters in Ancient Greece in The 5th Century BCE

The ancient Greeks were known for their fascination with physical activity and exercise, and one of the professions that emerged from this culture was that of the Bematists or Bematistae, who were essentially ‘step counters’. These individuals were responsible for measuring the distance of various routes, such as roads and racecourses, by counting the number of steps it took to traverse them

Trepanning: A 7000-year-old Ancient Medical Practice

Trepanation, also known as trepanning, is one of humanity’s oldest forms of surgery and also one of its most gruesome. It is an ancient medical practice that has been used for thousands of years.

Salar De Uyuni: The 40,000 years-old White Bolivian Paradise

The Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt lake in the world and one of the most unique places in the planet, visually captivating and one of the most incredibly beautiful places there exists in Bolivia or South America.

Codex Rotundus: A 15-century Pocketbook

In the 15th century, Flemish craftsmen created the first pocketbook in history, the Codex Rotundus, a unique late-medieval manuscript comprised of 266 pages containing a lavishly illuminated Book of Hours written in Latin and French.

The Legend of the King’s Three Sons: Icelandic Fairy Tales

The Legend of the King’s Three Sons: Icelandic Fairy Tales – A Legend from Iceland

The Aztec Death Whistle: A 14th-Century Mystery

The Aztec Death Whistle is a pre-Columbian musical instrument that was used by the Aztecs for ceremonial purposes. This whistle is shaped like a skull or a human figure, and its unique sound is said to resemble the scream of a human being.

The Palomares Atomic Bomb Disaster of 1966

The Palomares atomic bomb disaster of 1966 was a major nuclear accident that occurred in the small agricultural and fishing town of Palomares, located in the Southeastern region of Spain known as Almería.

Crocodile Shears Medieval Torture Device: A 2006 Wikipedia Hoax

Crocodile shears were a Medieval Torture Device used in late Medieval Europe.
It was a gruesome form of torture particularly reserved for men who tried to assassinate the king.

The History of the Bidet: Possible 17th-Century Invention

A bidet is a low-mounted plumbing fixture used for washing external genitalia, perineum, and anus.
Since it was popularized in the early eighteenth century, the history of the bidet has not been a simple sanitary item but has been a hygienic practice that is at least suspect.