Great Zimbabwe Ruins: 11th-Century Mystery

Great Zimbabwe ruins are the remains of a medieval city located in the southeastern hills of Zimbabwe, near the town of Masvingo.

The Bizarre Case of Tarrare: The Man That Could Eat a Corpse (c. 1772–1798)

Tarrare was a mysterious French man who was known for his extreme appetite, bizarre eating habits, and an unknown medical condition that caused him to consume inedible objects.

Top 40 Websites to Download Free Audiobooks

access to the Top 40 Websites to Download Free Audiobooks and podcasts. Most of them are public domain audiobooks but if you keep reading you will find that a few websites also offer some modern audiobooks to download for free as well as other types of radio broadcast.

Easter Island and The Rongorongo Script – 1864

When thinking about Easter Island (Rapa Nui), invariably the first thing that comes to mind is the 887 monolithic Moai or moʻai human figures carved on the slopes of the volcanic crater of Rano Raraku between the years 900 and 1500 A.D by the Rapa Nui people.

The Stepmother and her Stepdaughter: A Serbian Legend

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived with her stepmother. The woman hated her stepdaughter exceedingly, because she was more beautiful than her own daughter, whom she had brought with her to the house. She did her utmost to turn the poor girl’s own father against her, and with such success that he soon began to scold and even to hate his own child.
The Stepmother and her Stepdaughter

The Wandering Womb and Female Hysteria

The condition has its roots in ancient medical theories about “wandering wombs,” where a displaced (and disgruntled) uterus caused women’s health problems

The Flying Pigeon of Archytas of Tarentum – 4 Century B.C

Archytas of Tarentum was a gifted mathematician, who made significant contributions to geometry and mechanics. He is also known for the first flying machine ‘The Flying Pigeon of Archytas’

Lingchi “Death by a Thousand Cuts”: 18 Centuries of Gruesome Chinese Torture

Lingchi , usually translated as ‘death by a thousand cuts’, ‘death by division’, ‘slow slicing’, ‘lingering death’, ‘slow process’, , was a slow and extremely painful execution method in which a knife was used to make small shallow cuts all over the body of the victim until death.

The Palace of the Eagles: Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends

East of the Land of the Rising Sun there dwelled a king who spent all his days and half his nights in pleasure. His kingdom was on the edge of the world, according to the knowledge of those times, and almost entirely surrounded by the sea.
The Palace of the Eagles: Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends

The Grisly Tale of ‘The Angel of Death’: One of the Most Prolific Serial Killers in Modern History 1975- 1998

One of the most infamous lonely hearts killers was Harold Frederick Shipman, nicknamed ‘Dr Death’ or ‘The Angel of Death’, a British doctor who is believed to have murdered between 215 and 250 of his patients, making him one of the world’s most prolific murderers. He posed as a caring and trustworthy physician but used his position to administer lethal doses of drugs to his victims.