Spanish Stonehenge of Guadalperal: a 5000-year-old Megalithic Structure

The Dolmen of Guadalperal, also known as the “Spanish Stonehenge”, is an ancient megalithic monument located near the town of Cáceres in the Extremadura region of western Spain.

Flaps and Seals and Project HTLingual – 1952 to 1973

The term “flaps and seals” is derived from the original opening-and-resealing procedure used to open surreptitiously letters and dispatches inside either a flapped envelope or folded and fastened with a wax seal.

The Boy Pu-nia and Kai-ale-ale, the King of the Sharks: A Hawaiian Legend

On one side of the Island, there lived a great shark: Kai-ale-ale he was named; he was the King of the Sharks of that place, and he had ten sharks under him. He lived near a cave that was filled with lobsters. But no one dared to dive down, and go into that cave, and take lobsters out of it
The Boy Pu-nia and Kai-ale-ale, the King of the Sharks: A Hawaiian Legend

Debunking the Babylonokia: an 800-year-old Mobile Phone

An ancient mobile phone was found during archaeological excavations at Fuschl am See, (in Salzburg), Austria. Researchers unearthed the Babylonokia, an 800-year-old Nokia mobile phone with cuneiform writing on it

Leech Collector and Bloodletting in the 19th Century

An old profession that has largely disappeared is that of leech collector, sometimes called leech gatherer or leech finder.

Connla and the Fairy Maiden: A Celtic Fairy Tale – 12th Century

Connla of the Fiery Hair was son of Conn of the Hundred Fights. One day as he stood by the side of his father on the height of Usna, he saw a maiden clad in strange attire coming towards him.
Connla and the Fairy Maiden

Groom of the Stool and Yeoman of the Chamber: a 14th-Century Job

Groom of the Stool was a job that existed in England from the medieval period until the reign of King Edward VII in the 19th century. It is a position that has now been forgotten, but one that provided comfort and convenience to many monarchs throughout the years.

Room 39: North Korea’s Secret Society

Room 39 is one of the most secret organizations in arguably the world’s most secretive state. It is believed to be involved in obtaining foreign currency for the nation’s leaders.

The Bag of Stories: A Mongolian Legend

Centuries ago the Black Plague raged among the Mongols, killing thousands, if not millions, of people. Desperate and terrified, the people of their domains fled in every possible direction, hoping to escape.
The Bag of Stories: A Mongolian Legend

The Invention of Radar 1935

The invention of radar has revolutionized the way we navigate and interact with the world around us. It was first developed in the early twentieth century by a British physicist named Sir Robert Watson-Watt, and has since become an invaluable tool for navigation, surveillance, and defence.