Mental Illness

Everybody seems to have a mental illness nowadays. At some point in time, it became trendy. I think we, Millennials, did that. Ah, the good old days when everyone was just perfectly sane, and the concept of mental illness was as rare as a unicorn sighting! Fast forward to today, where it seems like everyone and their pet rock is […]

Pavlov’s Dogs

We are all Pavlov’s Dogs. Pavlov was a Russian physiologist who in the 1890s experimented with dogs and their salivation, coming to the conclusion that dogs respond to not just an stimuli (food, ringing bells, etc.), but to the expectancy of that stimuli. Humans are very much the same. We pretend we aren’t, but are we all just Pavlov’s dogs. […]


We warned people. For months. Even years. Every red flag was met with “FUD”, and “shill” and other more colourful adjectives. Like many others, I got banned from several forums for pointing out that there was no windmills, no Gambia, and that everything was just a cash grab. People like Coffeezilla covered the topic on many occasions, warning so-called crypto […]

The Secret Economic Crisis

There is a Secret Economic Crisis and, for some unknown reason, nobody wants to talk about it. And I don’t know why and I really want to know. Who is hiding it and for what reasons? Whether by design or not, is up to you to decide. I don’t feel like forcing my private beliefs on others is going to […]

Middle East Question

Whatever side you choose to support, that is your thing. But there is something that has been bothering me for some time. Why is one side of the conflict held accountable for violations of international laws but not the other side? I understand the many agreements that were put in place after WW1 and WW2. None of which Palestine signed […]

Are You Ready?

World War 3 is coming. Is not a case of if but of when. I have a much longer post I have been writing about on the topic (2 posts, actually). But at the rate things are going, things might pop off before I get to publish it :). Plan for a global conflict. Things are about to get real […]

There is no Free Will

There is no free will. Only the idea of Free Will. I grew up in a Catholic country. Luckily, neither my family nor myself were into it. In a sense, I grew up ‘free‘ from the shackles of guilt and sin. Which, to clarify, does not mean lack of morals (although those, too, were shaky) but lack of “original sin” […]

Intuitive Truths

I am a sucker for Intuitive Truths. What this means is universal truths you can find in the world around you and/or within yourself by thinking about them. How and when this came about doesn’t much matter (unless you are writing a biography). But back in my teens I was deeply enthralled in philosophical and metaphysical discussions regarding the nature […]