‘El Arropiero’: The Vagabond of Death – 1964-1971

‘El Arropiero’: The Vagabond of Death is said to have carried out 48 murders across Italy, France and Spain between 1964 and 1971. This psychopath holds the sad record of being the ‘greatest serial killer’ in Spanish history.

The Electropathic Sex Belt: Electroshock Medical Treatments to Cure Impotence and Hernias

a lot of fascinating new devices were introduced in the area of medicine. These new devices produced electric discharges and were supposed to cure everything from liver disease to hernias.
 One of those devices was The Electropathic Sex Belt

Everlasting Fire: The Eternal Flame Falls of New York

Located in the state of New York is the waterfall Eternal Flame Falls, more exactly in Chestnut Ridge Park, in Erie County. Although located inside the park’s boundaries, Eternal Flame Falls is located at the edges, far away from crowds, and is more directly accessible via the trailhead located at the southern edge of Chestnut Ridge Park.

The Thule Bomb Accident 1968: A Series of Catastrophic Events

The United States of America installed several military bases in Greenland.  One of those bases was Camp Century, the other was the Thule Air Base where the Thule Bomb Accident of 1968 took place

Free Online Learning Resources of Sciences, Health and Social Studies

Free Online Learning Resources of Sciences, Health and Social Studies
A selection of free online learning resources courses on every possible topic you can think of. Some websites offer certificates and diplomas, while others will give you credits towards a university degree.

Public Policy and Government Statistics

A handy list to track Public Policy and Government Statistics and Tracking Federal Spending of your Tax Dollars. Alongside Government Statistics. This is handy to make comparisons with previous years or to find any particular statistic that you are looking for.

Mortsafes: Protecting Graves from 18th Century Body Snatchers

Mortsafe became popular in the 18th and 19th century Britain to protect graves from body snatchers

The Oldest Wheel In The World is More Than 5,000 Years-Old

While currently it is not known when the first wheel was invented, we have archaeological evidence of the oldest wheel to date ever found, known as the Ljubljana Marshes Wheel.
The Oldest Wheel In The World is More Than 5,000 Years-Old

Simo Häyhä ‘White Death’: The Deadliest Sniper in History 1939-1940

Simo Häyhä was a Finnish shepherd, and one of the deadliest elite snipers in history, if not the deadliest one. With a tally of 542 soldiers wounded, and from those, at least 259 deadly casualties, he was nicknamed “The White Death” by his enemies.

Al Naslaa Rock Formation: The Mysterious 4,000-year-old Saudi Arabian Boulder

The Al Naslaa rock formation is located in the Tayma Oasis of Saudi Arabia – home of the oldest human settlements. It was discovered in 1883 by Charles Huvor, and ever since, this particular rock formation has fuelled debate among academics, alternative researchers and tourists.