The Death of the Knight Nuño Alvear: A Spanish Templar Legend From Toledo

King Alfonso VIII handed over the castle of San Servando to the Knight Templars so that they could defend the city. One of the Templars was named Nuño Alvear

Snake Island: A Deadly Paradise

Approximately 33 kilometres off the coast of São Paulo (Brazil), in the Atlantic Ocean, there exists one of the deadliest places in the world known as Snake Island.

Leonardo da Vinci built a Robotic Knight in 1495

Leonardo da Vinci was a very intelligent and prolific man whose outstanding genius was centuries ahead of his peers. He built a Robotic Knight in 1495

Ching Shih: The Chinese Prostitute Who Became The Most Successful Pirate in History

Ching Shih was a chinese prostitute turned pirate that commandeer the famous Red Flag Fleet. She was the most successful chinese pirate woman, but also the most succesful in history,

Earth and Space

Free online resources to monitor a variety of Earth and Space phenomena. Earthquake Preparedness Drills, Earthquake Recovery Resource Guide. Disaster and Recovery information on Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tornados.
Earth and Space

The Judas Cradle: A Medieval Torture Device

Hundreds of medieval torture devices were conceived and created with the sole purpose of inflicting pain. Today, we are going to review one of those devices known as the Judas Cradle.

Archimimes: The Clown Funeral Impersonating the Dead

In more recent times, funeral clown services are making a comeback throughout Europe and the USA. However, funeral services have diversified their services not just to clown funerals, but also thematic ones, such as Star Wars parades or Disney characters.

The Green Children of Woolpit: Possible Explanations of a 12th Century Tale

The Green Children of Woolpit is a Medieval British folk tale that has come down to us all the way from the 12th century AD. The legend comes from a small…

The Mechanical Turk Chess Master 1770

The Mechanical Turk Chess Master Machine, commonly known as ‘The Turk’, was purportedly an automaton capable of playing top-level chess, defeating most of the leading intellectuals and figures of his time.

North Sentinel Island: a 60,000-Year-Old Tribe

Humanity has explored almost every mysterious or unique part of the world. But there are places he is yet to inspect. One of those strange locations is North Sentinel Island where lives a 60,000 year-old tribe